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This weekly assessment will help you stay conscious of wellness-related issues regarding your brain health and fitness while allowing you to track your progress over time - right on your WujiDashboard. Any hints or information that you've shown interest in will be presented to you at the end of the Survey and will also be emailed to you for your convenience.  Enjoy!

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WujiBrainwave MindMedia Developer Inquiry

This is a set of questions that we ask developers and researchers to help us better support you in working with the WujiBrainwave app.

The opportunity that we are offering is to allow select developers in the area of research, academics, personal development, health and entertainment to create MindMedia which can run on our WujiBrainwave app.  Any video or audio track can be converted into MindMedia using our WujiBrainwave Developer Kit.  This will allow you to create Timelines that integrate with your video/audio where you can display Text Flags and Personalized Responses. These allow you to precisely analyze the raw brainwave data captured from a user experiencing your MindMedia during their WujiBrainwave session.

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