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Peak Performance

Tapping the potential of the brain through realtime bio-feedback is proven by research to enhance both physical performance and mental acuity to help you "get in the Zone."

Employee Wellness

Positively impact your organization and support your employee's development goals and productivity

MindTracker iPhone App!

Our MindTracker app for the iPhone is an amazing mobile interface to our powerful brainwave feedback analytics...

Emotional Health

WujiTech solutions are perceived as “safe” and “fun”, while the realtime brainwave monitoring and intuitive, natural language suggestions support both youth and adults and help express emotions and challenges and support clinical medical treatment.

Wellness Providers

WujiTech provides solutions with realtime brainwave feedback for enhancing and assessing the effectiveness of wellness programs


WujiTech provides solutions to assist athletes and coaches attain Flow State and stay in the Zone by tapping the brain's potential

Stress Management

Tracking both brainwave data and personal assessment data allows for administrators to obtain objective metrics and implement a low cost solution for working with stress - what the National Institutes of Health say is the cause of 70% of all disease.