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submitted by: admin on 04/16/2015
MindMedia is the core of the WujiBrainwave app. Welcome to WujiTech’s MindMedia… our patented video format that contains embedded software logic designed to help you see how your brain is reacting to any image or sound as you watch or listen in real-time.  Learning how you respond at the “brainwave level” can teach you a lot...

Overview Video for WujiTech

submitted by: admin on 03/27/2018
Enjoy this Overview Video for WujiTech and it's brainwave and community-building solutions incorporating brain biofeedback using biometrics for stress management and personal empowerment.  

Video Tutorial

submitted by: admin on 06/04/2013
These video tutorials will give you a brief overview of the Program Administrator experience within the WujiDashboard online environment.  (Note:  These are for Program Admins only.) Enjoy!

Video Tutorial - KauaiSchools Overview

submitted by: admin on 06/26/2019
This video tutorial is designed to assist administrators in gaining an overview of the KauaiSchools website.

Video Tutorial - MindMedia Flags & Personal Response

submitted by: admin on 12/05/2013
This training video will help you work on your MindMediaTM for the WujiBrainwave app.  MindMediaTM is the Patented WujiTech feature within the WujiBrainWave app that takes an ordinary piece of video and allows you to add "Flags" to mark specific spots in the video where you want to "see" how the viewer's brain is responding.  "Personal...

WujiBrainwave Promo Video

submitted by: admin on 12/05/2013
This is a video showing the WujiBrainwave app in action.