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DoctorSaputo.com Main Page

WujiTech’s team in three countries has worked with the renowned physician Len Saputo, M.D to launch – on 1/1/11 – what may be the Internet’s most unique and interactive health and wellness web experience.

DoctorSaputo.com is much more that just a “website” as this amazing service is far beyond other sites that have fallen short of truly empowering the visitor who is looking for personalized answers to their health and wellness questions.  DoctorSaputo.com is a unique collaboration of solid medical knowledge and technical expertise.  The result is an interactive, free membership-based environment that gathers information from each Member and guides them to contextually appropriate data that is highly personalized.  Accolades from the medical community continue – some shown on the site’s Main Page – and this is a tribute to the effort that has gone into offering this unique service.  Over 3,000 audio and video presentations are efficiently available through the WujiTech Content Management System that is keyword searchable and highly search engine optimized.  Members each have their own Home Page replete with a wealth of tools that enable them to search the site and experience the extensive media, track their health through an array of self assessments, and  communicate with the Wellness Coach that is Matched with them.

The WujiTech Environment truly shines in this application and judging from the many satisfied Members, appears to have found another secure niche in changing the way people experience the Internet.

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