WujiTech Data Gathering and Community Building (DGCB) Environment

submitted by: admin on 07/22/2019

By Francesco Garripoli



Our focus is on bringing the WujiTech Environment into key areas that can make a positive difference in the world.  The WujiTech Data Gathering and Community Building (DGCB) Environment is a very cool platform for working with large numbers of people and connecting them through transparent data gathering and sharing.  It can be configured as a mentoring space (www.MentorOhana.org) or as a business support environment (www.TrackerCoach.com) as a conscious community with a focus (www.TrackingGreen.com) or as a combination of the three (www.YogaTracking.com)  These are some examples of how the WujiTech Environment can be applied.

It’s important to understand the value of collecting data right at the grassroots level… when this is done with heart and a cultural sensitivity so necessary to really get people to share, then you have a chance to really empower people at every level.  When this is done with a certain level of transparency – which means to allow people to actually see the data in a graphical way so that they understand it and know it is being collected to support the community, then you get even more buy-in.  Technology is a big part of the next revolution… authentic data creates authenticity and overcomes fear.  It is fear that keeps managers and policy makers from taking action… but solid and statistically valid data provides a level of security that allows important decisions to be made.  It’s time for community-generated data in public programs, just as it’s time for patient-centered care in medicine.  It is our hope that the WujiTech Environment can help us move in this direction.

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