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By Francesco Garripoli



Welcome to WujiTech, a software company that provides a powerful, online software platform to collect data and then use that information to help serve your vision and empower  those who participate in the surveys and evaluations.  We are taking a much different approach that the simple, monkey-style survey tool offerings.  These may be useful in some cases, but in using them, companies and individuals are missing the true power of data collection.  It’s not about just gathering “opinions” or snapshot information, it’s about learning what people need and helping them get it.  This may be the products or services that you offer… it may be training that your employees need to excel and boost your bottom line… it may be getting a clear picture of how your programs are performing and creating customized, graphical reports… and it may be helping to create a dynamic community around people who share like interests.

WujiTech is based on the principle that “information is power”… yet in our opinion, the real power comes from sharing this information and using it to empower your constituency. Your “constituency” may be your client base, your program participants, your employees, the demographic base for your products and services, whatever… We don’t stop at just collecting answers from people… we give you the power to get targeted information to just those who answer a certain way.  It’s really about respecting those who took the time to answer your questions… you don’t send information on plumbing supplies to someone who is interested in taking a workshop on cancer treatment side effects.  When you honor the integrity of people who choose to participate in your projects, they are much more likely to trust you and follow up on your suggestions.

Our other specialty is “tracking” data over time… you only know a sliver of statistically weak information when you gather it only once… and this doesn’t really help people over time.  To truly empower people, you must commit to work with them for a period of time and track their responses… then give them useful reports that can help them make the changes they need to improve, heal, and grow.

We are in a most interesting time in the “information age”… because we have become the “information aged”… we are inundated with data… so many times people get overwhelmed and then just shut off.  People want to be respected, especially when they have a real need to get something done – from finding criticial information or receiving clear reports to purchasing an expert-recommended product.  Most of the online tools that are currently available don’t really adhere to this philosphy.  We hope that what we offer at WujiTech will resonate with what you believe and help you get things done in a more efficient fashion… and in doing so, help you forge a deeper trust with those who you work with.

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