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WujiTech applications are supporting various websites... 

Below is a few examples that you can peek into, experience and see how  the WujiTech Environment's unique offerings empower your online visions...


Educational School Environment



...our students, our future...WujiTech is supporting to build a strong bond of students, parents and community.  Kaua'i Complex Area Schools website is one example of WujiTech's service.



Health/Wellness Environment



We invite you to explore WujiTech Environment's unique and evolutionary approach to healthcare and empowerment...





DoctorSaputo.com is one of many examples of  the WujiTech Environment shining in the field of health and medicine....



Community-Building Environment




CommunityAwake.com is a unique collection of "communities" each with a focus bringing like-minded people together...WujiTech Environment provides a global playground for online community development.


Brainwave Research Environment


Brainwave Learning Tools

This is our newest frontier at WujiTech where we explore brainwave monitoring and feedback technology with breakthrough learning software.





Survey Enviornment      



MentorOhana has become a great place to take part in online contests... like our Hawaiian Music Contest.  Using the full media power of the WujiTech Environment, you can listen to songs before you vote on them.  Enjoy!

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